Who is H. B. Coffin?

Name: Raul A. Rodriguez
Date of Birth: December 26th, 1985
Birthplace: McAllen, TX
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Birth Cards: The Chariot (VII) and The Tower (XVI)
Marital Status: Married
Occupation: Senior Graphic Designer at Seus Corp Ltd.
Education: Bachelor of Fine Arts, University of Texas at San Antonio, 2011

What's in a name?

It is derived from my first solo venture in music—Harry's Bronze Coffin. However, the "H" does not stand for "Harry," and the "B" does not stand for "Bronze." These are merely false initials for an obscure pseudonym and an internet handle I wish to be recognized by.

What is H. B. Cstudios?

This is my sanctuary—a studio and gallery for the work of the demimath H. B. Coffin. Here I work as an independent artist and a freelance designer. I also dabble in a variety of crafts.

What is Harlequin Djinn?

Est. 2018, Harlequin Djinn focuses on experimental sound synthesis techniques using a variety of electronic hardware.

What is Harry's Bronze Coffin?

Est. 2005, Harry’s Bronze Coffin was an experimental project incorporating the use of instrumentation, vocalization, audio programming, and live theatre. I performed at a very limited number of shows and private events across Texas through 2008. In 2005 I released my first EP, Piano Keys A-Z, along with a single web exclusive track. Following a brief hiatus, recovering from a lack of motivation, I finally took the time to record my second EP, Blindside in 2008. This was a small collection of songs I had written and composed years prior. I made the premixes (programmed backing tracks) to Torn Good)(Evil available for streaming shortly after, with plans to release the full featured LP I had been meticulously curating that same summer. Unfortunately, the material and experiences that influenced me to write a majority of the album had me profitlessly revisiting old demons who kept me mentally ill. After long consideration, the project was scrapped for my own wellbeing. I would go on to incorporate the track "Death & Decay" into a live performance piece—a short marionette musical derived from an art school project. A modest record of this act is documented in my Flickr. You can stream my entire discography here for free, or purchase a hard copy of my first EP.

What is A One Time Thing?

Est. 2001, A One Time Thing was a young quartet influenced by the likes of pop rock bands of the late '90s, high school heartbreak, and teenage angst. Alfonso J. Rodriguez—no relation—and I were the two original members left by the end of our run. Prior members include Nick Anzaldua (guitar), Frank Bleibdrey (drums), Christian Gonzalez (guitar), and Frances Wells (drums). We performed at a wide variety of shows and private events across the Rio Grande Valley through 2004. Our first EP, entitled Elevator Music, consisted of 5 tracks which would later be re-recorded onto our 15 track LP, High School Heartbreak. The latter, along with a live recording from a show in Mission, TX is available for free streaming here.

What is Star-Crossed Romance?

Est. 2004, Star-crossed Romance was a youthful set of radical dreamers, fueled by longing, love, and passion. We had a short run, but it was fun while it lasted. We performed at a limited number of shows and special events across the Rio Grande Valley through 2005. Our only EP, The Northern Lights consisted of 4 tracks. Our plans were to incorporate these into an 8 track LP with a working title of The Endless Road, but we never made our way back to the studio to record the remaining songs, most probably due to my run-in with drugs—a course which presumably led to our demise. The master copy of our recording was damaged due to my negligence during that time. The result has left us with a less than perfect memorial of our time together, but it has been provided here for free streaming nonetheless.

What are Kyju?

A series of monsters born from inspiration that came when I was introduced to the world of urban vinyl and Japanese sofubi. In respect of traditional kaiju, and for lack of a better word, I've labeled these monsters as Kyju, or better yet, candy kaiju—a bittersweet kind of beast.

What are Luar's Lunarians?

Stay tuned for details.

Who are the Maurizio brothers?

I grew up playing video games. I still play video games. If I'm not doing something productive, it's probably because I'm playing video games. The Maurizio Bros. is a lampoon of Nintendo's greatest mascot and his fellow cast members, as well as my childhood.