Here’s my current compilation of Kyju related work. Enjoy!

Kyju – Series.01

Aractus - Portrait.01 Bulbous - Portrait.01 Dybbuk - Portrait.01 La-Di-Gua-Na - Portrait.01 Loki - Portrait.01

Kyju – Series.02

Ibbur - Portrait.01 Igneoushi - Portrait.01 Infernox - Portrait.01 Lupell - Portrait.01 Yeteh - Portrait.01

Dreaming of Kyju – Visions from a dreamstate.

Army - Bulbous Composition.01 The Tower - Dybbuk Composition.01 Up the Rabbit Hole - Loki Composition.01

Negatives – Pictures of the paranormal.

Negative.01 - Dybbuk Negative.03 - Dybbuk Negative.03 - Dybbuk Negative.04 - Dybbuk Negative.05 - Familiar Negative.06 - Familiar
Reverse Negative.01 - Dybbuk Reverse Negative.02 - Dybbuk Reverse Negative.03 - Dybbuk Reverse Negative.04 - Dybbuk Reverse Negative.05 - Familiar Reverse Negative.06 - Familiar

The Subjects – Puppets in custody.

Subject.01 - Adolf Hitler Subject.02 - Mao Zedong Subject.03 - Osama bin Laden Subject.04 - Joseph Stalin Subject.05 - The Manson Family Subject.06 - Saddam Hussein

Promotional – Kyju media.

Kyju - Logo.01 Kyju - Series.01

Prototyping – Kyju in the works.

Dybbuk - Prototype.01 Sculpted by H. B. Coffin Modeled w/Sculpey Clay 08.17.07 Negative Flavor

SIXbySIX – Online art show.

Negatives - Acrylic on 6x6 Canvases Signed by H. B. Coffin Submitted for the SIXbySIX online art show.

Kyju – Bestiary

Aractus – pronounced ah-rack-tus – Thought to be a plant of the genus Euphorbia, this creature is a master of disguise. Residing primarily in the Egyptian Sahara, the Aractus is a ferocious beast which feeds on herbivores looking for a bite. The moment an animal tastes the lifeblood of the Aractus will be the last of which they shall remember of their conscious life. The remaining moments of their life will be spent in a brief state of phantasmagoria, up until the point where the Aractus will feed on the animal whole. The toxicity of their blood, and the ruthless reaction which follows the consumption of it, is merely a mechanism of defense against the hungry. So what about the passersby? It has been reported that these creatures have attacked unsuspecting humans. It is said that we are a delicacy to them. The Aractus is very agile. A secondary toxin resides in their thorny outgrowths. They use this paralyzing agent to their benefit when tracking down their bipedal prey. Once under their grip, it’s curtains for you.

Bulbous – pronounced bulb-us – A robotic sea creature running on hydropower. It is unclear who built these creatures and for what purpose, but don’t be fooled by their cute outer appearance. The light fixture attached to their head is evidence of deep sea living, and is seldom used in shallow depths to avoid giving up knowledge of their location to their prey. It’s been said that the trap-jaw of a Bulbous has the strength of ten shark bites, and the ratio of limb detachment as a result of a single Bulbous bite is 9:10. Some believe the creatures to be some sort of government secret. Governments worldwide claim the creature to be nothing more than your average cryptid, claiming any sighting of such an animal or any incident involving what people believe to be a Bulbous is nothing more than your average shark attack, but those who have come in contact with a Bulbous and have lived to tell about it know the truth. These are vicious androids from the world below, and nothing will stop them from hiding the truth behind their creators. The mystery is not only who created these robots, but why, and what they were built to protect. The mystery of advanced life below? The secret of Atlantis? No one knows the real truth behind this cryptozoological monster, and only time will tell, if time allows it.

Dybbuk – pronounced dih-buck – These wandering souls are damned. Full of hate and no remorse for the sin of their physical incarnations, the Dybbukim shift between our dimension and that of the metaphysical. The gates of hell and purgatory are no match for a Dybbuk’s evasive measures. Unexplained noises are merely a gag to this sort of geist. Some merely tickle the will of man, but the bulk of their kind focus on the possession of it. One who is Dybbuk compatible is one who shares the hate of a Dybbuk, or a Dybbuk’s lust. These subjects, if suffering from severe depression or psychosis, are your primary candidates. Famous subjects throughout history include Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin. Some believe these spirits are nothing more than Jewish folklore, but those who have been granted, or perhaps cursed with the ability to see through these people, know the truth behind their existence. The best way to shun a Dybbuk is through exorcism. One may seek to cleanse not only the subject of possession, but the Dybbuk itself. It is said that one suffering from schizophrenia may too be the subject of a Dybbuk; an Ibbur is the contradictory element in this situation. While a Dybbuk is negative, an Ibbur is positive (see “Ibbur”).

La-Di-Gua-Na – pronounced lah-dee-gwa-nah – Native to the dryland regions of the world, the La-Di-Gua-Na is a connoisseur of bedrock living. Their ostentatious pressence reflects their personality. It is a miracle that they have yet to cease existence. These creatures will find a mate upon reaching adolescence. Once they have answered natures call to sow their seed, they will go about the social norm of their species, to flaunt their end of the bedrock. Yes, pride is found within being the best by finding the best place to sunbathe, finding the best place to hold their horn high, and finding the best place to be… the best. Once a La-Di-Gua-Na has found this sacred niche, here is where they shall stay for the remainder of their life, however long that may be. They are so proud of their post, they don’t want others to think they’ve grown tired of lying in the same spot. This would give others the impression that their end of the bedrock must not be as comfortable, thus revealing their ability to be the finest connoisseur, or lack thereof.

Loki – pronounced low-key – The bipedal creatures known as the Loki are mischievous beings from below. Theory has it that they may be associated with the android fish known as the Bulbous, as some have been seen within the vicinity of documented Bulbous sightings. Some people claim to have even seen them leave their aquatic sanctuary to roam our soil. Those who have come in close contact with these creatures claim to sense a sort of hostility, but there have been no reported attacks. This brings us to the conclusion that these creatures either mean us no harm, or those who have been attacked by a Loki, if any, haven’t lived to tell about it. Those who have reported a sighting also claim to have “missing valuables,” perhaps stolen by the Loki for evidence of the life above. As for the relation between the Loki and the Bulbous, it is assumed there is some sort of alliance between the two. Could the Loki have created the Bulbous, or are the Loki running under their creator? Perhaps they’re nothing more than an underwater outcast, but they wouldn’t roam around the whereabouts of a Bulbous if they knew they meant harm. Something is up between this dynamic duo, and we must get to the bottom of it.