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After a brief hiatus, I finally got around to finishing up a couple of these #vnicursalvca #eurorack modules. I gave up for a while because I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why one of them had a silent channel, comparing both boards numerous times and finding no misplaced components or error in assembly. I tried swapping out every IC… no luck. It turns out there was a solder bridge between the pad of a single IC pin and an adjacent copper trace that was virtually imperceptible to the human eye (even with the support of a magnifying glass). The solder mask on just the edge of a copper trace had been stripped, allowing contact with a neighboring pad where I applied a pinch too much solder. I’ve seen others have similar trouble with this build, ending up with one channel failing to produce sound and unable to find a solution. If you run into the same problem, check every single pad and make sure you didn’t strip any adjacent traces! With the stress of the build aside, I’m loving this module. It’d be silly to ask for more from a 6-channel VCA/mixer in 8hp. One will be available in my #reverb shop soon. #diy #modular #thonk #zlobmodular

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